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Nuan-Nuan Senior High School (NNSH) is located in Nuan Nuan District in Keelung City, north of Taiwan. NNSH is founded in 1967, as the Seventh Junior High School in Keelung City, the school is transformed into Nuan-Nuan Senior High School in 1999. Since then, we have enrolled approximately 700 students annually, including junior high students and senior high students. NNSH shares and emphasizes the core values of public education in Taiwan, providing the most profound, inspiring, and carefully-designed curricular.

Our Goals:

Nuan-Nuan Senior High School strives for:

  • a secure, inspirational and supportive learning environment

  • excellence in academic performance and personal success

  • fair and respectful treatment for each individual

  • positive partnership among students, parents and staff.

Our Priorities:

We endeavor to cultivate our students with the characteristics:

  • Truthfulness: differentiating right from wrong, holding decent faith for life, and knowing the ultimate meaning of the life of one’s own.

  • Affection: caring the life of one’s own, respecting other people’s lives, and establishing the sustainable connection among self, others and the nature.

  • Enthusiasm: valuing personal career development, willing to participate in the various communities, loving to make one’s contributions to promote humans’ wellbeing.

  • Diligence: developing self-disciplines, persisting and striving for excellence.